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Because 2/3 of your review queue is full of obvious false positives we can treat them automatically with our machine learning API

Email Investigation

We check social media, webmail providers, whois databases, and other data sources to get a full picture of any email.
Email validity
Age / Creation date
Domain reputation
Social activity

Phones, adresses and IP Lookup

We check phones, address and IP numbers. With that data, we can get you roaming infos, carrier, type of building, proxys, VPNs etc...
IP, Phone, Address locations
Proxy / VPN information
Carrier (reachability, portability...)
Mobile phone activity on social network

Bank card information

With the 6 first digits of the card we can tell you the name of the issuing bank, the country, and the type of card: credit, debit, or prepaid card. Payment by Paypal? We can find out if the user has an account!

A one-page UI

Your fraud investigator will have all the info needed at a glance. We created a one page website to help you make decisions faster.


We take privacy seriously. All data requests are anonymized and data providers can't track your information.

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